Chelsea 2012:


We were given the opportunity to help build a display in the Grand Pavilion for a

Somerset based nursery Pennard Plants, working at the best flower show in the world

was an amazing opportunity and Avant Gardens helped build the structural elements

for the potager and trained fruit garden, showing the creative use of edibles within a

small walled framework. Pennard Plants won a silver gilt that year.


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Garden shows and garden awards to date

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Malvern Autumn 2012:


Our show garden debut was where it all started, having experienced working at Chelsea

earlier in the year my colleague Taric Lloyd and I wanted to highlight our skills and

produce something which could show the public how gardening lifestyles will change,

modern homes are being developed on smaller and smaller plots and food prices are

rising. Our philosophy was to use sustainable woodland materials to create a compact

growing frame in which food could be planted and harvested at comfortable working

heights. Avant Gardens was awarded an RHS Silver medal, we were more than happy!

Cardiff 2013:


Based on our silver award winning edible food frame the idea was modified to create a

walk through display showing how food can be grown on different levels, RHS Cardiff

awarded it Best Display.

Chelsea 2013:


A moment in time. A more ambitious design this year working hard for Pennard Plants,

Avant Gardens pushed really hard providing materials and labour and working long

hours to build the wall, the brick paths, the slate raised beds and the bespoke

woodwork. We spent hours constructing the sheds from sawn Cedar and a very unique

gate made from Oak, all the hard work paid off, Pennard Plants achieved their first Gold


Hampton court Palace 2013:


A smaller more compact and better detailed version of our food frame was installed in

the growing tastes marquee at Hampton Court Palace which earned a visit from the

Duchess of Cornwall.

Malvern Autumn 2013:


This year the brief was out of the red into the green and was designed to reflect the

needs of the modern couple. With rising debt, population increase and the cost of living

going up, this garden explores the need to change our lifestyles in terms of what we

should value the most. Our connection with life, each other and our food, in these

economic times of austerity, time is more valuable than money. Hardworking couples

can find the time to sit, talk, unwind, eat and drink and tend the space together

according to their likes and needs. Avant Gardens was again awarded a silver medal.

Cardiff 2014:


A haven of edible delights. This year Pennard Plants decided to apply their horticultural

expertise at a show garden. A monastic style vegetable and herb garden was designed

and brought together a collaboration between the National Botanical Garden of Wales,

Pennard Plants and Avant Gardens. The central frame was expertly crafted by Tom

Mccurrach an expert joiner and woodland ecology pioneer. Avant Gardens provided the

materials and labour for the floor plan, everyone working together to ensure a great

result. Pennard Plants was awarded a Silver Gilt.

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